I'm a Photographer from the Midlands, UK.

I am passionate about photography and especially photographing things that happen at speed.  I love being in the right place at the right time and capturing that one moment where something amazing happens.  It could be an Osprey snatching a trout from a pool or an F15 pilot threading a fighter jet through the Welsh valleys or the lead singer of a rock band in mid air during a live show.  


I look for the extraordinary and attempt to capture it as best as I can.

Aviation, Wildlife and Music photography is where my passions are.  My father was a keen aviation photographer,  back when I was a kid,  I remember my Dad going from airshow to airshow with his Olympus OM10 and Tamron 200 f/2.8.  Thirty years later and I am dragging my 5yr old Leo to air shows and the Mach Loop.


I have always enjoyed being out and about.  My job often keeps me close to a desk for most of the working week.  So, I like to enjoy being outdoors, or at music events photographing whatever comes my way as often as I can.